ENKI demonstartion

ENKI interface
Test and demonstration of prototype

My self and Gregory Byatt ran this event last year – and are due to do it again this year – only a bit differently – the thing will hopefully sue more visualization and actively use the neuro-feedback (through interfacing it with MAX MSP)

enki demonstration 2006

Documentation of first event;
Museum of Science and Industry Manchester, 7th October 2006

A multi media participatory experiment using live Electric Fish, real time neurographic interface visualising brain-wave activity, sound and live video. ENKI is an immersive sensory experience that explores the relationship between art and health, or more specifically, creates a therapeutic exchange between Humans and Electric Fish. It is part the HFID project dedicated to research in cross species (human and fish) communication and commune.

See the film here…
The participants become part of experimental research, as we record brain wave data and monitor the behaviour of the electric fish during the experiment. The electrical activity of the fish is experienced as sound and light via ENKI (a stroboscopic high frequency led placed close to eye lid) and the natural binaural frequencies produce by the interaction and communication between Black Ghost Knife fish. Participants bio-electric field is connected to the aquarium allowing the fish to sense a human (bio)electric image or presence.


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