Laboratories – electric fish

These are some of the leading research labs working with electric fish Neurobiology & Behavior; Good sources for essential information and also some great publications. and have provided much of the background for my project Aptéronote – Mariage aquatique de la physique et de la biologie – Les caractéristiques des poissons faiblement électriques – les gymnotiformes – On y discute leurs comportements, système electrosensoriel, capacité de communication électrique, electroreception et le fonctionnement du cerveau.

Hopkins Lab
, Department of Neurobiology & Behavior, Cornell University.
Research in this lab concerns the neural basis of animal communication, including studies of mechanisms of signal generation, signal localization, and signal recognition in the context of species recognition. Our focus is on communication in the electrosensory modality of fish
Amazonian Fishes and their Habitat

Nelson Lab
Our research is focused on active sensory acquisition. We seek to understand neural mechanisms and computational principles that animals use t o actively acquire sensory information in complex, dynamic environments


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