electro-sensitivity in sharks

The hammer head shark has to be the best looking of the sharks – I have only seen them on the “Blue planet” series – I was intrigued at the massive shoals where they seem to perform this odd twitch where the body flexes almost like a spasm – i was wandering if this has anything to do with generating a pulse of electricity that other sharks can detect? as thses sharks are not electrically active – but can only detect the electrical signals of muscle activity – such as small creatures under the sand….

“The ampullae of Lorenzini give the shark electrosense. The ampullae consist of small clusters of electrically sensitive receptor cells positioned under the skin in the shark’s head. These cells are connected to pores on the skin’s surface via small jelly-filled tubes. Scientists still don’t yet understand everything about these ampullary organs, but they do know the sensors let sharks “see” the weak electrical fields generated by living organisms. The range of electrosense seems to be fairly limited — a few feet in front of the shark’s nose — but this is enough to seek out fish and other prey hiding on the ocean floor.”



One thought on “electro-sensitivity in sharks

  1. This is a very interesting post to me because I am very into sharks. In fact I have been researching all different species of shark since I saw one at Virginia Beach. My mom, my dad and myself were on vacation in Virginia Beach, and we near the ocean so we went swimming a lot. And one time I saw a large black fin coming out of the water. My dad and I were in the shallow water and then we both saw it at the same time. And my dad picked me up and got out of the water. And ever since then I have been studying sharks.
    And in my opinion the shark is a beautiful creature and they are fascinating to me. But it breaks my heart to know that this majestic creature is going extinct due to pollution and hunting.
    And that’s why when I buy sea food products I have to make sure that no sharks were harmed when the fishermen caught the food in their nets. If it is I don’t buy it. And the same goes for dolphins.

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