The Institute of Science in Society

Dr Mae-Wan Ho is director of ISIS and among some really interesting research has developed a way of imaging living organisms as ‘liquid-crystal’ and other holistic approaches to looking at the organismn & has done a lot of research into finding a scientific basis for acupuncture; this looks at the relationship of collegen in cells, and the phenomenon of ‘ordered water’.

Live first instar Drosophila larva observed with a noninvasive imaging technique that produces interference colours in its tissues depending on the birefringent, liquid crystalline order of the constituent molecules.(1)

“The Institute of Science in Society (ISIS) founded by Mae-Wan Ho and Peter Saunders to work for social responsibility and sustainable approaches in science. A major part of our work is to promote critical public understanding of science and to engage both scientists and the public in open debate and discussion. ISIS has been providing inputs into the GM debate that would have been conspicuously lacking otherwise.”
“Science is intrinsically honest, open and pluralistic, and disagreements must be openly and democratically debated.”


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