Acupuncture, brainwaves and electric fish

Working with Greg Byatt to develop the IBVA [Brainwave visulaiseation] system and work on some ideas with the electric fish. Such as attaching the Electric signal discharge to acupuncture pads placed on our arms to see if we could perceive the signal and also seeing how the fish behaved. No conclusive results. More time needed!


Black Ghost Knife fish interacting in tank


Black Ghost Knife fish interacting in tank


Black Ghost Knife fish interacting in tank


Measuring levels of EOD


In preparation for the next Enki event, me and Greg spent the day testing the neuro-graphic interface; as an experiment, we patched a strong frequency via MIDI to a MAX patch so our brains were modulating all kinds of strange sounds. I don’t yet fully understand MIDI – but Later this will combine with the Enki interface as a form of feedback.  In this image you can see the graphics of the brain activity and the receiver boxes – the sensors are wireless and stuck to our foreheads.




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