X International festival for new media culture October 16 – 25, 2008 in Riga, Latvia

spectropica, originally uploaded by Antony Hall. This was one of the best festivals I have participated in so far, alongside the conference was an exhibition in this amazing space, in this image you see a quarter of the space. Though this i was introduced to the notion of ‘wave art’ which has been the theme of a series of, I think, 3 yearly events like this. The highlights were ‘LSP laser / sound performance’ Edwin van der Heideas,  well as, ‘ten Thousand Peacock Feathers in Foaming Acid’ , Evelina Domnitch, Dmitry Gelfand. No one was allowed to take photos in this event – but it was one of the most incredible things i have ever seen. They used powerful lasers projected through bubble membranes, creating large scale projections. We showed a demo of the enki project.
Electromagnetic fields are biologically active. Emitting from every electronic device, electromagnetic fields affect our body and the living nature. They interact with the natural emissions and intersect the boundaries of our planet. Invisible and omnipresent, electromagnetic fields have become ghosts of the modern world…

The 10th edition of the “Art+Communication” festival, organised by RIXC, took place in Riga from October 16 – 25, 2008. Entitled SPECTROPIA.


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