Disaster for Dodec Speaker project

Broken Dodecahedral project

Broken Dodecahedral Speaker project

Sadly my Dodecahedral speaker got destroyed in transit to its first showing. It was due to be exhibited with my Enki project at Kapellica Ljubljana. The company said the packaging was inadequate and would not pay out he insurance. The Lesson – when packaging art always over spec the packaging and assume it will be thrown around and mistreated.

The dodec had been sitting in my studio for several years looking great but unused, partly due to not having amp enough power to use it personally. It was great for mid and high range tones, playing my recordings of electric fish, multiple modulating sine waves through it sounded really good. As a point source, the sine waves tend to bounce around the space making the sound more spatial than it would be from traditional stereo speaker setups.

12 pentagonal faces, 12 speakers


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