Bubble Mass #prototypes @UntitledManc

Antony Hall, Bubble Mass 2013

Antony Hall, Bubble Mass, 2013. Milk and electronics. Installation detail,

I developed this new work for my show at Untitled Gallery, ‘Bubble Mass’ a bubbling puddle of milk on a white shelf. The similarity to Perpetual Puddle Vortex is no coincidence, as this work could be seen as the offspring of that work.

I normally avoid colour choices in my work instead making decisions based on practical constraints. Black provides a good canvas for reflection or colours produced through refraction of light [such as Puddle Vortex]. So my first work using white liquid [milk in this case] has come about purely from practical and mechanical considerations. Black Ink didn’t work. When the bubbles popped they splattered making the puddle reduce too quickly, and spoiling the form. As to soapy water, the bubbles are great but they persist to long and the low surface tension means that the puddle wets out to a thin film rather than holding its own form, perhaps good for another version of this work. I also needed a liquid that was opaque. The white bubbling mass sits well along side my other works, which use black ink.

In terms of a sculptural object it is difficult to define. A small bubbling mound, an amorphous blob self-renewing at the same rate as it reduces so the bubble cluster never fully expands. Impossible to maintain an inverted curve on the edge of the milk instead the pool slowly flattens out over an hour. Eventually a fatty residue builds up at the perimeter crating a boundary perimeter, which aids its own containment. In milk it is apparently the presence of protein that enables bubbles to be created. However I found this bubble effect is not always reliable and so I needed to modify the mixture to make it work.


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