flag-shaped filaments undulate in soap film

Tiny flag-shaped filaments undulate in a fluid, leaving the wakes seen in the outer panels. The two center panels reveal the flags’ motion through long exposure photography. Image Credit: L. Ristroph and J. Zhang/PRL

Soap films are great for creating 2 dimensional flowing planes, in which things can be placed to observe or visualize effects of drag and turbulence, without using complex apparatus such as a wind tunnel or lasers; The reflected light does all the work, Speed and movement in the film reflect different wavelengths of light due to the way the film thins as it moves faster, or pools.  In this experiment the researchers placed tiny filaments, which behaved in a similar way to  flag moving in the wind.


Research paper here…


2 thoughts on “flag-shaped filaments undulate in soap film

  1. It is not enough to give you a thumbs up! This post is artful, scientific and tracks back to primary source for creative follow up. Good content, excellent presentation and healthy food for thought. Thanks. – The Healing Garden gardener

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