Perpetual Coffee Vortex 2015

Perpetual Coffee Vortex 2015. The coffee cup is a ubiquitous object serving both routine and ritualistic purpose in our lives. ‘Coffee cup Vortex’ is one of a series of works that explored the coffee cup as a vessel for experimentation and coffee as a liquid medium. Specifically the perpetuation of fluid mechanical phenomena that normally only exist for brief moments in time. The use of caffine rich coffee is also significant, cafine being a commonly used psychoactive drug. The contained vortex swirls inside a handmade and slightly oversized replica of a normal coffee cup. The system creates a contradictory state of self-consumption, perpetual stimulation, and continual replenishment. The vortex is omnipresent, a self-consuming and hypnotic void of dark addictive liquid.

Perpetual Coffee Vortex


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